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Suicide bombing at a volleyball match kills 45 in Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan is worsening by the day. Suicide bombings, car bombings and other acts of violence perpetrated by the Taliban militants have become frequent. On Sunday, a volleyball match was targeted by a suicide bomber. The incident happened in Yahyakhali district; the bomber detonated his explosive vest in the midst of a crowd of civilians who had gathered to watch the match.

The resulting blast killed about 45 people and wounded over 50 more. The game was well attended as people from nearby places have come to cheer their team, as a result the crowd was dense and causalities were quite high. Most of the victims were quite young. As of now nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack but it seems in keeping with the recent trend of Taliban attacks.

This attack might have been carried out in retaliation of the recent security deals sanctioned by the Afghan MPs. According to this deal, US and Nato forces can remain in the country after other foreign troops have withdrawn. There will be around 12,000 soldiers in this force and their primary mission would be to train and advise the Afghan army and security forces.

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