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Taliban attack on foreign office leaves 2 dead

In a latest in the series of Taiban attacks in Kabul, suicide bombers and Taliban insurgents attacked some offices that are used by foreigners. The building is located in the southwestern side of Kabul and no more than 200 meters from the Afghan parliament.

The office was that of a South African NGO. In the mid afternoon, several bombs exploded in the building and militants poured in guns blazing. Two office workers were killed in the attack of which one was a foreigner. Many more were injured, including a police commander and a foreigner. The nationality of the dead foreigner has not been confirmed yet.

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Two militants were shot down by the security forces and a third died when he detonated his explosive vest. Many foreign and local workers were rescued from the building by the police. This was the third attack on the Afghan capital in the last three days which marks a trend of escalating violence on the part of the Taliban.

The withdrawal of the NATO led forces from the country over the past few months seems to have strengthened the Taliban, and the war ravaged country is finding it hard to deal with the Taliban threat effectively without back up from the US and NATO. As of now there are only 34,000 allied forces stationed in the country of which 24,000 are from the US, and the US is planning to reduce this number to 10,000 or less by next year.

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