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Tribesman killed by ISIS militants in Iraq

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants have executed 25 members of a Sunni Muslim tribe in Anbar. The officials reported that the motive behind the killings was the opposition shown by the members of the tribe towards the radical Islamists.

The 25 bodies were found when the army was driving the militants away in a village on the Eastern edge of Ramadi in the Anbar province. The leader of the tribe, Albu Fahd, Sheikh Rafie al-Fahdawi, said that the number of the casualties could be even higher. Since there were no weapons found near the dead bodies, it was being assumed that the people were not killed in combat.

The ISIS has seized control of large parts of Syria and Iraq and continues to gain territory in Anbar. The attack was focused on Ramadi’s eastern al-Sajariya neighbourhood as the road there is the key to the military airbase of Habbaniya. The ISIS fighters have till now killed nearly 200 members of Anbar’s, Sunni Al Bu Nimr tribe including women and children.

Various people in and out of the government are providing key information to the journalists on the condition of anonymity as there is a fear of reprisals among them.

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