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In Turkey ultra-nationalists man handle US sailors

12 Turkish nationals attacked three US sailors in the streets of Istanbul. One of the attackers was seen carrying a banner of the Youth Association of Turkey. The soldiers were man handled by the nationalists. Paints were thrown on them and plastic bags were put on their heads. The attack was recorded by someone and then put on the internet. In the footage, the attackers can be seen screaming “Yankees, go home” again and again during the attack.

The sailors were crew members of USS Ross, a destroyer class warship that docked at Istanbul yesterday. The sailors were abused physically as well as verbally, and one of the attackers called them “murderers and killers”.

The sailors were able to get away from the group and go back to their vessel without sustaining any major injuries. The group of attackers was arrested and the foreign ministry of Turkey strongly condemned the incident.

The Pentagon has taken note of the matter and is working with the Turkish government to investigate the situation. The crew members of USS Ross are prohibited to leave the ship by the Pentagon so that such incidents don’t happen in the future.

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