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36 quarry workers killed in Kenya by militants

The al Shabaab insurgents are committing one atrocity after another. Just a few days ago they hijacked a bus and killed 28 innocent civilians who were travelling in it. And now gunmen belonging to al Shabaab have killed 36 non Muslim quarry workers in Mandera County in northeastern Kenya. The previous bus attack also happened in the same region which borders Somalia.

The quarry attack took place while the workers were sleeping in their tents. It was about 1 am in the morning. The militants first fired some warning shots and then proceeded to group the workers as Muslims and non Muslims and then the non Muslims were ordered to lie flat on their stomachs on the ground. The gunmen then shot them on the head; however, four of the workers were beheaded. The al Shabaab group took responsibility for the attack not long after the killings.

The survivors of the incident say there were about 20 gunmen involved. Investigation into the incident is going on at the moment. This is one of many terrorist attacks that Kenya has suffered since 2011 when the country sent troops to Somalia to stamp out the al Shabaab insurgency.

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