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Air strikes in Somalia to target top al-shabab leaders

The US military has carried out a series of air strikes on Monday in the Somalia region. The attack was aimed at the Islamist insurgent group al-shabab. This attack was specifically done to take out a senior leader of al-shabab. However the identity of the leader has not been revealed.

The air strike took place in the vicinity of Saakow, Somalia. Since the place was deserted, there have been no reports of casualties as of now. Pentagon has said that they will reveal more information about the attack when the time is appropriate. The extremist group has been trying to create unrest and overthrow the African-Union backed government from Somalia. The African Union forces have also retaliated quiet well, as they have been able to reclaim the lost areas and drive the group from many of its strongholds in the country.

Since September, The US has had considerable success as they killed Al-Shabab’s top leader Ahmed Abdi Godane in air strikes. This past week, The Somali security captured al-Shabab’s former chief of intelligence, Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi, who had a bounty of $3 million on his head.

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