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Airstrikes kill IS governor, second in over two months

The US-led air strikes which began 3 months back have struck again. In the Iraqi city of Mosul, the IS Governor has been killed. Hassan Saeed Jabouri, known as Abu Talu, was killed about 18 miles to the south of the city as told by the Iraqi man, Maj. Gen. Watheq Hamdani, in charge of retaking Mosul.

According to CNN Abu Talu, was the second Governor appointed by the IS for Mosul as the previous one died a month ago. The US led coalition has been regularly killing the IS fighters but the IS is well supplied on ammunition and fighters as many people from all over the world have been joining them. IS looted large supplies of ammunition and weapons systems from the Iraqi army when they overran Mosul. The weapons were mostly left by the US forces for the Iraqi government.

The recent claim made by ISIS to have shot down the Jordanian plane is a bit alarming as it indicates that IS has capability to shoot down planes. However, peace talks are being organized to end the war but it seems highly unlikely to happen as ISIS does not want to talk to anybody about its issues.

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