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Girl handed over to Boko Haram, asked to be a suicide bomber

A 13 year old girl has been arrested by the police after she refused to explode a suicide bomb in in Kano, Nigeria. Kano is the second largest city in Nigeria and is of great importance. The girl told the police that she was handed over to the Boko Haram extremists by her father. In the recent times there have been numerous instances of suicide bombings being carried out by young girls and boys.

The girl revealed that she saw many people being buried alive at the Boko Haram camp where her father took her. Her captors asked if she wanted to go paradise or not. When she replied that she did, they asked her to be a suicide bomber. As the girl said she wouldn’t do it, they threatened to kill her. She allowed them to strap her into a vest primed with explosives as she did not want to be buried alive.

Two other girls were included in the bombing, they detonated their bombs. The attack killed about 4 people and wounded 7. Police said that they arrested the girl in the hospital with a leg wound. The police are trying to locate the father as they believe he has links with Boko Haram.

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