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Obama holds meeting to review security following the Pakistan attack

Following the mind numbing attack on the army school in Pakistan, US President Barack Obama conducted a National Security Council meet. The purpose of the meeting was to review potential threats facing the nation in the holiday season and also to discuss the terrorist attack perpetrated by the Taliban in Pakistan.

Notable attendees in the meeting were Vice President Joe Biden, National Security Advisor Susan Rice and the head of CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies. Holiday season means a busy travel period and large public gatherings. This could lead to security vulnerabilities for US citizens in the country as well as aboard.

Obama was given a detailed report on the various security measures taken across the nation. According to Pentagon, they are ready to assist Pakistan if they request assistance. However, no such request has come from Pakistan. The Pentagon revealed that the attack will have no impact on US-Pak relationship.

According to Pentagon Press Secretary, Pakistan have been facing terrorists threats for years and Us views this as a common threat and has tried to build a solid relationship with Pakistan in order to face and eliminate the threat together.

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