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IS releases captive pilot’s interview

The pilot who was held captive by the Islamic State last week has featured in a purported interview posted by the Islamic State. His plane was brought down by the IS militants in the northern Syria. The IS run a monthly English magazine in which the pilot, First Lieutenant Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh has explained how his plane was shot down while he was serving in a mission for the US-led coalition. He also said that he was aware of what his captors are going to do to him.

The 26 year old pilot said he was assisting other Saudi F15s and Moroccan F16s when his plane got hit by a heat seeking missile. They just entered the area followed by the strikers who were about to commence the attacks. Kaseasbeh shared information about the soldiers stationed at the Royal Jordanian Air Force located in Azraq. He also went on to explain the roles and numbers of the US soldiers stationed there. The pilot’s father has urged the ISIS to treat him like a guest and release him soon. However when Kaseasbeh was asked if he knew what the IS will do to him, he replied that they will kill him.

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