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US led NATO forces pull out of Afghanistan giving more control to the country

The 13-year old war on terrorism led by the US troops and NATO has come to a formal end yesterday. Although the longest war in American history has come to an end but President Obama has stressed that Afghanistan still remains a dangerous place.

After the flag lowering ceremony held in the capital city of Kabul yesterday, the country’s own troops are now in charge of the peace-keeping in the region. In the past 13 years after the arrival of US in the region in a quest to throw the Taliban out of power, about 2,200 troops have lost their live and countless civilians killed. Starting from January 1, the US-led international Security Assistance Force (ISAF) combat mission will be replaced by a NATO’s training and support mission. This will include getting the Afghan troops proper training and skill to combat terrorism.

However this does not mean that all of the US troops will abandon the region as about 12,500 foreign troops will remain in Afghanistan. These troops will not be involved in direct fighting but will provide assistance to the Afghan army and police in every way possible. The signs are good but only time will tell if the Afghan region is really safe or not.

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