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Israel Aircraft Strike Positions in Syria- Israeli Army

Earlier on Wednesday, the Israeli aircraft struck Syrian army artillery positions, said the military, in retaliation for rockets launched at the Israel-occupied Golan Heights a day earlier.

The four rockets fired from Syria into Israeli territory is not the end of the story. The Israeli defence officials believe that Katyusha rockets that were fired at the Golan Heights from Syria on Tuesday apparently were launched deliberately.

The IDF has begun drilling along Israel`s border with Lebanon amid fears that Hezbollah might be burrowing under the border.

The IAF strike on Assad-controlled territory the day before relayed a “clear message” that Israel will “respond with force and determination” to any violations of its sovereignty, said Defence Minister Moshe Ya`alon.

The IDF has begun drilling in search for possible tunnels near the northern community of Zir`it, which is situated close to the Labanese border. The drilling was being carried out in response to a request by local residents to rule out the possibility, said the Military sources on Wednesday.

In retaliation for projectiles launched at the Israeli Golan Heights earlier in the day the United States has warned against the an escalation of tensions between Israel and Syria.

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