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Israeli military cornered over Gaza war crimes claims

The Israeli military is fiercely engaged in debate over the extent to which of the soldiers from last year’s war should be legally held accountable for their actions. However, many people in the military say that this will demoralize the soldiers and have a negative impact on the military’s ability to fight any future battles.

But the Palestinians have already sent their application to the International Criminal Court because of which Israel has decided to cut off financial aid last week. The rising pressure due to the ICC has made the decision to investigate all the more pressing. Israel has said that everything they did was in self-defense and also blamed Hamas for the heavy civilian casualties that took place during the war. Israel has been blamed of not investigating against its own military but it says they have done considerable amount of investigations and prosecuted soldiers for any abuse of power.

The Palestinians are expected to be in the court proceedings in 60 days and then they can submit the war crimes claims against the Israeli military. However the search for a diplomatic solution is being sought but it does not seem much realistic.

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