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Parents of kidnapped girls plead UN for help : Nigeria

The parents of 200 Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped by the Islamist rebels said that they were going to appeal to the United Nations for help. The Parents have lost all hopes of getting their daughters back.

A group of people who are lobbying for government action on behalf of the parents met UN Women, and told them about the situation. This group has also appealed to the UNICEF for help. These parents’ no longer think that the Nigerian government can or will save their children. However the government has not yet approved the UN’s help and it is unclear what the UN could do without the government’s approval.

More than eight months have passed since the Boko Haram militants raided the school and took the girls captives when they were taking their exams. The extremist organization believes that western education is sinful and has been kidnapping children for over a year now. The President, Goodluck Jonathan has said that the government is trying to free the girls but a botched mission would endanger them. This struggle in Nigeria has been the cause of countless deaths and kidnappings since it started five years ago.

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