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US and Cuba look to strengthen severed ties since 1961

In a bid to strengthen its ties with the US, Cuba has released 53 political prisoners which was a part of the deal with US. US government has welcomed this move by Cuba and said that this is a very positive development. The two nations had agreed last month that they would work in the direction of restoring diplomatic ties between the two nations.

The two presidents announced this on live TV through simultaneous speeches. The deal also included the release of US personnel Alan Gross from a Cuban jail, and the freeing of three Cuban secret agents from prison in the US. Cuba has kept its part of the deal; however, the identities of the released prisoners have not been disclosed yet. The Ladies in white group that regularly protests against the government claimed that there were still 12 prisoners to be released.

The officials in US believe that the Obama government will seek the release of other political prisoners still in jail. In a follow up to that, on Tuesday, the US officials gave the names of the 53 to Congressmen saying they expected them to make them public.

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