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90 Christians Were Kidnapped By IS Jihadists in Syria

At least 90 Assyrian Christians have been abducted by the Jihadist from the Islamic group in northeast Syria after defeating two villages in Hassakeh province, a monitor said Tuesday.

This is for the first time that the Christians en masse had been kidnapped by this group in Syria, though the jihadist have taken thousands of prisoners as they have advanced in the country and the neighboring Iraq.

No details have been provided by the group for this attack. It is not yet confirmed whether women and children were among them or where were they being held.

Before the conflicts in the country which erupted in March 2011, there were just 30,000 Assyrians in Syria with most of them living throughout Hassakeh province.

The latest offense began before dawn on Monday, when the militants passed through the villages, settled down along the banks of Khabur River near the town of Tamr which is situated in Hassakeh province. This area is overall occupied by Assyrians, an indigenous Christian people who trace their roots back to the ancient Mesopotamians.

An Assyrian Christian woman who now lives in Berut told The Associated Press, “Land lines have been cut, their mobiles are closed.”

It`s not been clear what the Islamic state group planned to do with the Assyrians.

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