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Female Jhadis Released Document Related To Women

A document detailing how women should live in Islamic state has been released by al-Khanssaa Brigade, an all-female branch of Islamic State.

According to the details in the document, the women should be married off at the age of nine years, they should stay at their respective homes and be veiled, and the one and only purpose of their survival and existence should be motherhood.

Taking a look at the document which appeared online first, last month in Arabic, states that starting from the age seven to nine, girls should be taught about religion, science and Koranic Arabic.

In addition to cooking, stitching and knitting, they should learn more about Islamic sharia law on marriage and divorce.

After reaching the age of 15, education for girls should be put to end.

“There has been a huge amount of speculation about what the role of the women who join Islamic State – often dubbed jihadist brides – is,” Haras Rafiq, Quilliam Foundation`s managing director, said in a statement. “(This translation) allows us to look past the propaganda banded about on social media by Western supporters of IS, enabling us to get into the mind-set of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of women who willingly join its ranks.”

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