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Four World Leaders Intend To Hold Bloody War in Ukraine

The leaders of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine intend to hold the meeting of high government. This meeting is being held so as to try to put an end to a fighting in eastern Ukraine, officials said Sunday.

These four leaders had a talk on telephone on Sunday to discuss how to put an end to this fighting. Russian President Vladimir Putin had confirmed that the meeting of high government was being planned for Wednesday in Minsk, but said it might not come out.

“We will be aiming for Wednesday, if by that time we are able to agree on a number of the positions that we recently have been discussing intensely,” he told journalists in Sochi during a meeting with the President of Belarus, Russian news agency reported.

According to the separate meeting on last September, Russia, Ukraine and representatives of separatists in eastern Ukraine will also g in Minsk get together by Wednesday, Seibert said.

McCain said in Munic that the Ukrainians are being killed and they are providing them the needful necessities such as blankets and meals.

Mr. Obama, who blocked the deliveries last year, has not yet revealed his hand and is expected to listen to Ms. Merkel`s argument.

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