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Kurds Recapture Syrian Villages from ISIL

Kurdish forces have recaptured at least 163 villages around the Syrian town of Kobani and have driven back the Islamic State in Iraq ISIL terrorist group in the past three weeks.

According to the Britain based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Kurdish progress had been moderate by reaffirm conflict to the west and south west of the town, where ISIL had preempted its terrorists.

Large areas of northern and eastern Syria, is in control of ISIL. It also includes a strip of territory across the northern Aleppo countryside and a corridor stretching southeast from Raqqa province to the frontier with Iraq.

John Earnest , the White House press secretary , said on Wednesday, referring Islamic State, “We don`t want anybody in ISIL to be left with the impression that if they move to some neighboring country, that they will be essentially in a safe haven and not within the range of United States capability.”

The electricity and water supply in the city have been cut off by the Islamic State militants and are in control of wide area of Al-Baghdadi.

Islamic State adduce on Kobani last year with heavy weapons drove tens of thousands of cibvillians over the border in to turkey.

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