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At Least 27 People Lost Their Lives in the Bomb Blast in Nigeria

Whole Nigeria was shaken by the two bomb blast by suicide bombers which took place in two crowded bus stations situated in northern Nigeria on Tuesday. In these attacks at least 27 civilians lost their lives.

The first explosion took place in northeastern Nigerian town of Potiscum on Tuesday. At least 17 civilians lost their lives in this attack. according to the witnesses around dozens were wounded in Tuesday`s blast in morning. It is not clear if the suicide bomber had wore the explosives or had hidden them in his luggage.

After few hours another attack took place at a crowded bus park in Kano which is northern Nigeria`s biggest city where two men blew themselves.

No one has claim the responsibility for any of the blast, but both bore the hallmarks of militant group Boko Haram.

Looking back on Sunday a girl who is said to be seven years old as per the witnesses killed herself along with five others in Potsikum which is the commercial capital of Yobe state. As per the authorities at least 19 people were injured in this blast.

Due to the continue violence in Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan has postpone the elections for six weeks, until March 28.

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