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Seven Year Old Blew Herself in a Busy Market in Nigeria

A girl who is said to be seven years old blew herself in a crowded and busy Nigerian market in Potiskum, Yobe State yesterday according to Mr. Buba Lawan, at least five people along with this seven year old girl had lost their lives and almost dozens of people have been wounded.

This attack is said to be the second suicide attack in market where new and second hand phones are said to be sold and repaired. On January 11 first attack took place where two suicide bombers from which one is said to be around 15 years old have blown themselves outside the market. In this attack six people lost their lives and around 37 people were injured.

Up till now no one has claimed any responsibility for this deadly violence which has shaken the whole Nigeria. This is said to be the latest in a string of suicide strikes for which children are being used.

According to Lawan, “We sent her back four times, because according to her age, she did not have anything to do in the market. When we were screening people, she bent and tried to pass under the ropes, some distance from our view. That was when the explosive went off.”

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