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Six Bosnian Immigrants Charged In US for Providing Money and Supplies to Al-Quaeda and ISIL

As stated by the Federal Prosecutors on Friday, the six people residing in U.S. have been charged for assisting and providing money and supplies to terrorists group in Syria and Iraq.

To support militant groups such as Al-Quaeda and Islamic State, these people exchange secret messages and plans in Facebook by using code names.

Among these six suspects, two of them are husband and wife who live in St. Louis and had come to United States as refugees, whereas other four are said to be legal permanent residents.

Here are the names of those six suspects: Ramiz Zihad Hodzic-40, his wife Sedina Unkic Hodzic-35, Armin Harcevic-37, St Louis County, Nihad Rosic-26 of Utica, New York, Mediha Medy Salkicevic-34 of Schuiller Park, Illinois and Jasmika Ramic-42 of Rockford, Illinois.

It was confirmed by the Department of Justice that they have arrested five of them and the sixth one remains at large.

“Today`s charge and arrests underscore our resolve to identify, thwart, and hold accountable individuals within the United States who seek to provide material support to terrorists operating in Syria and Iraq.” U.S. Assistant Atty. Gen. for National Security John P.Carlin said in a statement.

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