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1 Killed After Driver Tries To Rush through Gate at NSA Head Quarters

According to the authorities and sources familiar with the investigation, a car which was said to be stolen rushed by two men through the gate of the National Security Agency headquarters which is located in Fort Maede with an SUV on Monday. In this incident one person lost his life in a shooting.

As per the reporters the two men were dressed as women. After the gate was dashed around 9:30 local time, a guard reportedly had an argument with the men and the attackers started firing.

One of the suspects died at the scene inside the stolen car, this was not immediately determined.

As stated by NSA in a statement, “Just after 9 a.m. today, one person was killed and another injured when they attempted to drive a vehicle in to the National Security Agency portion of the installation without authorization.”

As per the source told to the Fox News, the person who was injured had been taken to the hospital and is undergoing shock trauma, whereas, an officer had been wounded in arm.

According to FBI spokeswoman Amy J. Thoreson, the attack is not supposed to be related to terrorism.

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