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10 Militants Aligned With Islamic State Were Killed By Afghan Forces

According to the officials, ten fighters who uphold to be from Islamic state in Afghanistan had lost their lives when the security forces of afghan attacked on them. The officials said along the reports that much of the Syria and Iraq is controlled by the indignant Taliban fighters and the numbers are keep on increasing.

As per Dawlat Waziri, Defense Ministry Spokesman, all the militants were affiliated to the Islamic state which is in Afghanistan known as “Daesh”. They all lost their lives in an operation which was held in southern province of Helmand on Sunday.

Among the dead was a militant commander Hafiz Wahidi. He along with his nine men was killed in this operation. He is the second militant commander, to hook up to the militant group to be put to death in Helmand.

Abdul Rauf Khadim, Hafiz Wahidi`s uncle, had lost his life in a drone strike in February. Khadim was a former commander of Taliban and Guantanamo convict who had switched adherence and coordinate his followers with ISIS group, which had a control over a third of Iraq and Syria in a self declared caliphate.

The Taliban had launched a brutal adverse reaction with suicide bombings and attacks on police and the residents.

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