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2 Czech Tourists Abducted In Pakistan Released After Two Years

As announced by the Czech government on Saturday, the two Czech tourists who were been kidnapped by the extremists at the time when they were on their journey on a bus through south western Pakistan have been released.

The two of them were psychology students, 24 years old Hana Humpalova and Antonie Chrastecka. They both were abducted on March 13, 2013, while being escorted by a tribal security officer after crossing from Iran into Pakistan.

The Czech Prime Minister told the CT24 news channel that, he had confirmed that both the tourists have returned to the Czech Republic.

As per Sobotka, the release of both the tourists was supervised by Turkish non-governmental humanitarian organization IHH.

In august 2013, gunmen made the video both the tourists and sent it to the Czech embassy in Islamabad, as told by the Czech foreign ministry spokesperson Johana Grohova to the reporters.

In that video there were no clues of the kidnapper`s identity. Chrastecka asked for the help to the Czech authorities and told them to consult with the Pakistani government to help both of them go back to their home.

A video of both the women`s mothers was also been released by the Czech ministry who plead the kidnappers to treat their daughters well.

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