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At Least 40 People Lost Their Lives in an Air Strike At Yemen Camp For Displaced

According to the International Organization for Migration, at least 40 people lost their lives and around 200 people were wounded on Monday in an air strike. Dozens of them were seriously injured. The air strike took place in north western Yemen. The airstrike targeted the UN run camp for refugees and internally displaced people.

As said by the Yemen`s state news agency Saba, the camp at Haradh was hit by Saudi planes. Among the dead were women and children. It also showed the bodies of five children which was lying on the blood streaked floor.

The explosion at the camp near Haradh was blamed to Houthi artillery by Hadi`s Foreign Minister Riyadh Yassin.

As said by a humanitarian worker, a truck of Houthi militiamen was been hit by the strike at the gate to them Mazraq camp, putting to death nine camp civilians, two guards and an unknown number of fighters.

East African migrants were also residing in the camps.

Leonardo Doyle, an IOM spokesman told Vice News, “The site has been there for a number of years, it`s not something that`s popped up in the last couple of weeks, one should assume that a camp of 5,000 that’s been there for quite number of years  would be known to military planners – one would hope so.”

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