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At Least 6 People Lost Their Lives in the Gun Attack, Bombing At Mogadishu Hotel

According to the police officer at the scene, at least six people lost their lives when the gunmen break in a hotel in the capital of Somalia after exploding a car bomb outside the building on Friday. They also had a gun firing with the security forces. Dozens of people were injured. The death toll is sure to rise.

The exchange of gun fire at the Makka Al Mukarama hotel in Mogadishu were still going on between the security forces and the assaulters.

The responsibilities for this attack had been claimed by the Islamist militant group Al Shabab.

The attack began when a car bomb exploded at the entrance of the hotel, as said by the witness Aden Hussein, was meters away from the hotel at the time of blast. He added that the gunmen then went inside the hotel, firing at the people with bullets.

One of the gunmen who had wore a belt with explosives, blew himself up inside the hotel, which caused a number of casualities.

The hotel is situated along the highway which leads to the country`s presidential palace, and is famous with lawmakers, business people and journalists.

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