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Bardo Museum Attack Linked With Local Al Qaeda: Tunisia

As per Tunisia said on Thursday, a cell of 23 militants had attempt the attack on Tunis museum last week. Among the 23 militants were Algerian and Moroccans, with extending adherence to a number of hard line Islamist groups.

80 per cent of the terror group had already been detained for the murder of 20 tourists which includes Japanese, French and Italians in an attack which had been claimed by the Islamic State group, as said by the Tunisian Interior Minister Najem Gharsalli.

As per Gharsalli told to the journalists, as a part of terrorist cell involved in the attack, 23 suspects have been detained which includes a woman. All those who were detained were Tunisians.

Gharsalli stated that, “This cell is linked to Okba Ibn Nafaa and Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb most of them came originally from Ansar al Sharia.” He added that they were in group of 23 people.

Washington had listed Ansar al Sharis in the group of terrorist.

Not less than 3,000 Tunisians have gone to fight in Iraq and Syria and the government is anxious for those who will come back will attempt more attacks on the soil of Tunisia.

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