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British Woman Arrested In Turkey on Suspicion of Trying To Go Syria

According to the government officials said on Tuesday, a 21 year old British woman was been arrested in Turkey as she was unlikely trying to travel to Islamic state group territory in Syria.

Government has alerted the authorities of both the countries, as many citizens are travelling through Turkey as a transit route to Syria and the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant.

As per the reporters, similarly three British citizens were arrested recently in Istanbul by the Turkish officials as they were trying to join the ISIL. They were consequently sent away to the UK where they have been detained.

The arrest of the suspects came after the three London school girls went Turkey last month and are doubt to have joined ISIL in Syria.

It was been estimated by the security services that around 600 Britons have fled to Syria or Iraq to join the militant groups. In those Britons include the man known as Jihadi John who can be seen in the several ISIL beheading videos.

The woman was identified as J.N.H. and was arrested at a bus station in Ankara last Monday. Her hearing for deportation is still pending.

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