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Cairo: Bomb Blast Wounded 9 People

According to the police 9 civilians were badly injured in a midday bomb blast which occurred in one of the crowded boulevards in downtown Cairo on Monday. A little known group has claimed the responsibility for this attack few hours after the explosion.

The attackers had hidden the bomb under the car which was parked near the High Court which is the highest criminal court of the country and went off in Cairo`s Ramses neighborhood.

There are dozens of street vendors selling their wares on the stalls set up on the back street. There are many bus stops, a subway station and railway station close to this area.

The Seventh Day TV an Egyptian Private had broadcast the footage of the site which showed hundreds of people standing around the car with windows smashed. There was blood lying on the pavement. This area was sealed off by the police and it was later stated by the state TV that the second bomb was dismantled before it went off.

An earlier state TV report stated that one person had died in this bomb blast, but it was corrected by The Interior Ministry and the Health Ministry that the person who was said to be death had not died, but the blast had blew away his part of skull and brain. His condition is said to be critical. The injured people included three officers, two conscript and four civilians.

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