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Iraqis in Tikrit Feel Deceived By War with ISIL

According to the reporters Omer Al Juburi was about to leave Tikrit few weeks before, but he didn`t leave as he didn`t want to vacant his home and his grocery shop. He didn`t want his wife and his children to be called and stay as refugees.

Because of forcing of Iraqi Shiite militias, he was been trapped and forces to wrest back control of Saddam Hussein`s hometown from the deep seated Islamic state group.


“I have been trying to get my family out of the city for the last three days, but Islamic State militants prevented me and sent me home, we can hear the bombings around us whereas we can see Islamic State militants everywhere holding the roads.

As per the video which was been received by The Associated Press, as the Iraqi forces entered the city on the way through its northern Qadisiyya neighborhood, they started many gunfires and heavy explosions.


According to the reporters, the residents are being stopped by the terrorists by taking away their cars at the time when they were trying to escape the city. The terrorists also are trying to build a gateway.

About a third of Iraq and neighboring Syria is being held by the Islamic State group.

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