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Nigeria Boko Haram Headquarters Retaken By the Military Troops

According to the Nigerian military, soldiers have recaptured the town of Gwoza, which was one of the last areas in north eastern Nigeria controlled by the militant group Boko Haram.

As twitted on twitter by the military, the group had retaken the Borno State town on Friday morning and had ruined the BokoHaram`s headquarters self-declared administration. More details would be followed.

The report is yet to be confirmed and came out 24 hours before the Nigerians move further for the polls for the elections of presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to a 35 years old farmer Usman Ali, Abubakar Shekau consigned his fighters on March 15 and ordered them to put to death to those they have taken as wives. He told AFP after escaping,” he said they should go back to Gwoza and kill all of their women they left behind, if they didn`t kill them they would not join them in paradise.”

Recently this month civilians who manage to fled Bama, also in Borno State, had informed that dozens of women were forcely married to Boko Haram fighters were put to death.

As per the Reuters, on March 24, it was been claimed by the local civilians that 400 more children were abducted by the militant of Islamic group in their north eastern town of Damasak.

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