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Palestinian Rockets Put To Death More Gazans in 2014 War: Amnesty

According to the Amnesty International said on Thursday, more civilians in Gaza Strip had lost their lives as compared to Israel in the Palestinian rocket firing during the war in Gaza in summer 2014.

The war continued for 50 days and at least 2,200 people in Gaza lost their lives, most of them were residents and 73 people on the Israeli side were put to death, among the dead most of them were soldiers.

As per the Amnesty, six residents in Israel had been put to death. Among the dead there was one child. Rest of the rockets who aim at the Jewish state had fallen short and had put to death at least 13 residents in Gaza, among which 11 of them were children.

According to the reporters, in such brutal attack 13 Palestinian civilians in which 11 of them children were killed when a projectile blasted in the crowded Al Shati refugee camp which is next to the super market.

The attack was been blamed on the beach side camp on an Israeli F-16 warplane by the Palestinian witnesses. The claim was been denied by the army accusing the militants of missing their own rockets.

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