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Syria`s Idlib Attacked By Thousands Of Militants: State TV

According to the Syria`s national TV reported on the evening of Friday, Syria`s north western city of Idlib and its outskirts had been attacked by the extremists militants.

Thousands of terrorists are bustling from Turkey into Syria. They are attacking Idlib and its outskirts, as said the TV.

Simultaneously, as said by the state run Sanaa news agency, ten of the rebels had lost their lives in the attack by Syrian forces around Idlib during the successful military operations there.

In the hope of binding the government forces of their positions in the city which is bordering the Turkey, an enormous repulsive had been let out by an array of extremist group.

A combining attack had been initiated by the Nusra Front, Ahrar al- Sham and half a dozen other Islamist groups to capture the provincial capital this week, calling their new affiliation the Army of Conquest.

As said by Rami Abdel Rahman who is the head of Britain based Observatory, the fighters have progressed on the north western and south eastern sides of the city. There are very blood thirsty battle and 26 soldiers and four regime soldiers had been put to death last night.

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