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Three Europeans and Two Locals Lost Their Lives at Night Club in Bamako

According to the authorities, five people lost their lives which include a French citizen and a Belgian citizen as they were shot by the gunmen, who fled the scene quickly. The terror attack took place in the busy restaurant which is situated in the capital of Mali in Bamako. Eight people were wounded. The dead also included a police officer who was passing the restaurant.

As per the officials two suspects had been arrested, despite there were few details of the attack and the attackers.

The source said, “The zone where the shooting took place is under the control of the security forces, two Europeans and two Malians have been killed. The security forces are conducting an operation to ensure there are no other surprises.”

According to the source at Gabriel Toure hospital in Bamako the third European died at the arrival, his nationality was not immediately declared.

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius had condemned this cowardly attack that has caused the death of several people and have wounded many others.

The French embassy in Mali had alerted its citizens and beefed up security. In West Africa France has more than 3,000 soldiers as part of counter insurgency force against al Qaida linked militants.

A preliminary peace proposal had been signed up by the Mali`s government to end up the fighting with northern separatists.


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