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6 Ukrainian Soldiers Lost Their Lives As Clashes Flare In East

According to the Kiev`s militants said on Tuesday, six soldiers were put to death and 12 were wounded in separatist held eastern Ukraine. For the government forces these are the biggest losses in the last ten days.

The attack has slowed, but not desist entirely in the region as Ukraine soldiers maintain their positions against sporadic attacks by Russian backed militants.

According to the soldiers they are been attacked by rebels mostly at night near the rail hub of Debaltseve, which the forces of Ukraine were forced to abdicate in February following the terrific attacks by the militants.

It was been claimed by the Ukrainian forces that the separatist attempt a total of 26 attacks from early Monday evening until midnight, along the separation line. They explained that in the region of Donetsk, the situation was very much tensed, where near the town of Peski, Avdeyavka and Opytnoye the separatist attacked military positions. They used hand grenades, tanks and mortar shells.

In a statement given by the separatists to the DAN news agency,

“Our positions were attacked with all kinds of weapons to the extent we suffered casualties; one was killed and five wounded.”

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