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Militants Were Put To Death by Israel Strikes on Golan Heights Frontier

According to the Israeli military, four militants armed with bomb had lost their lives by an Israeli aircraft along the Israeli Syrian frontier in the Golan Heights.

The militants crossed from Syria into the Israeli held section of the Golan Heights and aimed to attack the Israeli troops, said the military.

Speaking on condition of anonymity as per the military rules, an army spokesman said through phone that, an explosive device was being carried by the militants. He didn`t confirmed that the armed men were Syrians or members of the Lebanese Hezbollah militant group backed by Iran.

Military sources had found the militants placing the explosives on a fence near Majdal Shams on Sunday.

In the past three days, this attack is said to be the third attack in Syria that has been attributed to Israel.

In a statement IDF said,

“A short while ago, the IDF eliminated a terror cell attempting to place an explosive device against IDF forces on Israel`s border with Syria and IDF will not accept any attempt to attack or infringe Israel`s sovereignty.”

In the month of January, in an Israeli air strike in the Golan Heights, an Iranian Republican Guards general and around six fighters from the Lebanese Shia Islamist movement Hezbollah had lost their lives.

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