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Nigeria: Nearly 300 Girls And Women Were Been Rescued From Boko Haram`s Camp

According to the reporters, not less than 200 girls and 93 women from Sambisa forest in Borno State had been rescued by the Nigerian troops fighting Boko Haram militants in the north east.

It has not yet been confirmed by the army whether the girls who were rescued are among those schoolgirls who were abducted by Boko Haram.

In April 2014, not less than 200 school girls were been abducted by the Boko Haram militants, near the northern village of Chibok, which cause an international outcry.

As per the spokesman of military, the girls who were been rescued are now being interviewed.

According to the diplomats and intelligence officials, few of the Chibok girls is believed t be held in the forest about 100 km from Chibok, although U.S. reconnaissance drones were unable to find them.

As said by one intelligence source to the Reuters, “Now they are excited about their freedom, tomorrow there will be screenings to determine whether they are Boko Haram`s wives, if they are from Chibok, how long they have been in the camps, and if they have children.”

Few girls were also wounded and some of the militants had lost their lives, he said without giving any further details.

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