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Syria’s Yarmouk Camp Security and Safety Getting Worse, EU States

In a statement issued by the European Union this Friday, the security and safety in Yarmouk Camp, Southerly Damascus has gone from bad to worse.

The altruistic circumstance is also worsening for the past 2 years; the Federal Government soldiers have banned the entrance of meals or medications inside the campus. The only help that is provided is through the convoys supplied by the Syrian authorities and the altruistic companies. This is nowhere close to the amount needed and people in the camp are suffering due to lack of even basic medication.

There are one million homeowners and 170,000 of them are Palestinians who left Syria in 1948, in accordance with the facility of Israeli state.

The EU Diplomacy Principal Federica Mogherini and Christos Stylianides, the commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management stated in a joint declaration that innocent people have been caught up in the middle and are being used as human guards by the battling sides.

The declaration further claimed, “The EU gets in touch with all belligerents and also all celebrations from impact over them to appreciate worldwide legislation guarantee unrestricted altruistic accessibility and also offer secure flow for all private citizens that want to get away.”

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