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UN: Not Less Than 300000 Driven From Homes In Yemen`s Conflict

According to the United Nations agency said on Tuesday, not less than 300,000 Yemenis have been fled away from their homes by a month of violence in the exhausted Arab nation, twice the number only two weeks ago; between intensify battle with Shiite rebels and the continued Saudi led air campaign.

As per the internationally recognized government in exile, the three cities of Dhale, Aden and Taiz – the third largest city in Yemen have been declared as the disaster zones. It said that the humanitarian situation is on extremity of collapse.

According to the sources, at least 15 people had lost their lives in a terrible fighting between Iranian allied Houthi militia and local tribesmen in oil producing Marib province in Yemen and an air strike also targeted a senior Houthi official`s resident, residents and tribal.

Houthis had been called on Monday by Yemini Vice President Khaled Bahah to adhere a U.N. Security Council demand to put an end to the fighting. According to the Red Cross, the conflict had pushed Yemen into a humanitarian “catastrophe”.

Multiple explosions in the early morning hours had rocked Sanaa, as the warplanes strikes many rebel held army camps, weapons carried by trucks and houses that turned in to weapons.

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