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After The Night of Heavy Gun Fire, Burundi Capital in Silence

According to the reporters, after the night of heavy gun fire, the capital of Burundi is in silence yet tensed on Thursday, particularly in the restive neighborhood of Musaga, where the civilians spoke of running conflicts between stone throwing youths and police.

While entering Musaga, it was said by the Reuters that they saw dozens of police who were armed with automatic rifles and tear gas launchers and also handful of soldiers.

After the decision taken by the President Pierre Nkurunziza to seek a third term in elections scheduled for next month, there were demonstrations against his decision. After this there were no signs of the crowds which have gathered early each morning for the last three weeks in the capital Bujumbura.

According to a 28 year old civilian Bosco, throughout the night there was noise of shooting and the tension was very much higher. It was not clear if there had been any casualties.

As said by the journalists and the health workers, they were not allowed to enter the areas in which heavy gunfire was been heard late into the night. It had raised the fear that many more victims is believed to be uncounted for.

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