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At Least 8 People Lost Their Lives And 8 Others Injured In An Rocket Attack In Libya`s Benghazi

According to the officials, at least eight people had lost their lives and other eight had been injured when a residential district had been hit by a rocket within the Japanese Libyan metropolis of Benghazi on Friday.

Islamic fighters were been accused of by a military commander for the rocket strike.

There were three family members among the fatalities, the source told Anadolu Agency.

As per the source, four children and a woman were also put to death in the attack, which targeted Humaida Park which is located in the eastern Libyan city on Friday.

Battle for the control of the country`s second largest city has been continue for a year, part of a conflict between former rebel groups.

According to the army commander Fadhal al Hassi, there had been much progress made by the army and they had also suffered huge losses.

A security check-point near Derna, an Islamic hot spot, to the east of Benghazi had been attacked by the Islamic State militants, as said by the security officials. In this attack two soldiers were put to death and five had been injured.

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