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Counter Attack against ISIS Been Launched by the Iraqis near Ramadi

As reported by media, an offensive operation had been launched by the Iraqi militia on Saturday against the Islamic State jihadist group`s extremists in the area of the capital of Anbar province, Ramadi.

The BBC reported that not less than 3,000 members of the militia had participated in the offensive. They are at present concentrating on the town of Husayba which is situated to the east of Ramadi.

As per the media, in this operation the Iraqi army is not been involved, the operation is being carried out without them.

As said by the commanders, the Iraqi forces had recaptured the territory from the Islamic State extremists east of Ramadi on Saturday, in their first counter attack since the fall of the Anbar provincial capital a week ago.

The leader of the main tribal force in the area Sheikh Rafia Abdelkarim Al Fahdawi had confirmed the launch of offensive operations.

As said by the police colonel, in this operation, local and federal police, regular army troops, the interior ministry`s rapid intervention force, popular mobilization paramilitary forces and tribal fighters are been involved.

Due to the conflict in the Ramadi area thousands of civilians had been displaced.

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