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Intrusive Surveillance Laws Approved By French Parliament after Charlie Hebdo Attack

According to the reporters, after the broad counter terrorism laws approval, mass internet surveillance could soon be legal in France in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Without the judge`s permission, the bill would allow intelligence services to tap suspects` calls and emails. Hidden cameras in homes and tracers in cars can even be placed.

It was formulated long before the Paris attacks which occurred in January, but it was said by the opponents that the killings had made the politicians too unenthusiastic to withstand civil liberties, in fear that they will appear weak in the face of terrorism and lose public support.

The bill had been overwhelmingly approved with 438 votes by the members of the French National Assembly, the lower house of parliament, in favor and 86 against and it must now be examined in the Senate.

It was supported by the politicians from both the Socialist majority and the conservative opposition. The government argued it that it was urgent because of apparent spread of Islamist radicalization in France.

According to the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls,

“This bill which provides a framework to the work of intelligence services, gives them more powers to be more efficient in the fight against terrorism and serious crime.”

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