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Iraqi Town Captured By Islamic State Fighters, Syrian Soldiers Put To Death

As told by the tribal leader to the Associated Press on Friday, another town in western Iraq`s Anbar province had been seized by the Islamic State, days after the provincial capital of Ramadi was been captured.

At the same time in the neighboring Syria, as said by the activist on Friday that dozens of pro government forces were put to death by the militants since taking full control of the ancient town of Palmyra recently this week and capturing not less than half the nation.

According to the Iraqi Sheikh Rafie al Fahdawi, the small town of Habiba, which is located about four miles east of Ramadi, fell overnight. After running out of armaments, the police and tribal fighters withdrew, as told by Fahdawi to the Associated Press in an interview on phone on Friday.

As said by Fahwadi,

We have not received any assistance from the government, our men fought to the last bullet and several of them were put to death.

It was unclear when the Islamic State took the site.

Due to the advancement of Islamic State, thousands have been displaced.

As per the United Nations, not less than 55,000 people had fled Ramadi alone since mid-May.

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