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Not Less Than 40 People Lost Their Lives in Fierce Gun Battle between Drugs Gang and Police in Mexico Ranch

According to the authorities, not less than 40 people had lost their lives in a terrific conflict between suspected drug gang gunmen and government forces on a ranch in western Mexico.

Among the dead all of them were said to be the suspected criminals except for one federal police officer. According to the national security commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido, he lost his life when he was trying to help a colleague who was injured in the shoot-out.

The battle started in the morning near the town of Tanhuato, which is along the border of Michoan with the state of Jalisco which is a troubled region where two drugs cartels have waged a long running conflict and where the violence against Mexican authorities have recently spiked.

The truck which was full of armed men who launched fire was been encountered by the federal forces during the operation, when they chased the gunmen on to the ranch, they came under the heavy fire by others.

So far, three people had been arrested by the authorities and had confiscated 36 semi automatic weapons, two smaller arms, a grenade launcher which was been fired and a 50- caliber rifle.

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