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Saudi Mosque Suicide Attack Been Claimed By the Islamic State Group; Promise More Black Days for Shiites

According to the reporters, the responsibility for a suicide attack at Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia had been claimed by the Islamic State group. They had also promised that there would be more such black days for Shiites ahead. According to the Saudi Health Ministry in this attack at least 21 people had lost their lives and not less than 120 others had been wounded.

The attack took place as the Shiite worshippers were performing their mid day prayers at the Imam Ali mosque in the Persian Gulf area village of Qudayh, in one of Saudi Arabia`s few Shiite population centers, the Qatif governorate in the Eastern Province.

As said by the country`s official press agency, a suicide bomber detonated himself at a Shiite mosque on Friday in the Sunni kingdom.

On Saturday, this attack had been strongly condemned by the Turkey.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in the statement,

We condemn the attack that left many dead and injured in a mosque in the province of Qatif, Saudi Arabia, and we wish God`s mercy on those who lost their lives, conveys our sympathies to their families and wish for the speedy recovery of the injured.

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