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Twenty People Lost Their Lives as Suicide Bomber Strikes Shiite Mosque in Saudi Arabia

As reported by the local news media, at least 2o people had lost their lives when a suicide bomber strikes a Shiite mosque. The attack took place in a Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia when the people were doing their mid day prayers on Friday.

Also not less than 50 people had been injured as said by the hospital officials and the local residents.

The responsibility for the bombing which was the first to target Shiite Muslims in Saudi Arabia since November was not been immediately claimed by anyone.

The relations between Sunnis and Shiites in the Gulf region, could further be harmed by this attack.

One of the witnesses had described a drastic explosion which took place at the Imam Ali mosque in the village of al Qadeeh where not less than 150 people were praying.

According to a spokesman for the Saudi Interior Minister, this attack was an act of terrorism. He said that the suicide bomber had hidden the explosive along the belt which was hidden under his clothes and went inside the mosque and detonated the bomb causing killings and injuries.

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