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Village In Kenya`s Garissa Been Attacked By Al Shabaab Fighters

According to the Interior Ministry said on Friday, a village in the north east Kenya had been attacked by the militants from Somalia based Al Shabaab. They were beaten back by the security forces.

It said that the militants had entered the village of Yumbis, which is located 70 km north of the town Garissa, late on Thursday.

Last month in the same area, a university was been attacked by the Al Shabaab who had carried out most of the attacks in Kenya in the recent years and at least 148 people had lost their lives.

As per the Inspector General of police, Joseph Boinnet said on Friday,

Security forces last night ambushed an (Al Shabaab) mob, found harassing locals for food and water in Yumbis, ijara. Attempted incursion repulsed.

On the other hand, it had been confirmed by the Kenyan authorities in the North Eastern town of Garissa, that two mosques in ljara Sub country in Garissa had been attacked by the heavily armed Al Shabaab fighters on the Tuesday night.

The attackers said that they are Muslims and they will target only those who are government officials whom they have problem with.

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