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2 Major Attacks Been Launched By Islamic State in Northern Syria

According to the reporters, two major attacks had been launched by the Islamic state insurgents in northern Syria on Thursday in a swift counter offensive after recent battle field setbacks rocking government held areas in one mostly Kurdish city and setting off deadly car bombs as they pushed back in to the border town that they had been expelled from earlier this year.

Islamic state had been seeking to retake the initiative with incursions in to the Kurdish held town of Kobani at the Turkish border and the government held areas of Hasaka city in the north east, after the losses to the Kurds backed by US led air strikes.

According to the group, which monitors Syria`s civil war said on Monday that not less than 35 people had lost their lives in an attack by the fighters of Islamic State on the Syrian town of Kobane near the Turkish border three days ago.

It was been said by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the fighting was still been continued in the town which is known as Ayn al Arab.

The Islamic State attack took place overnight in to Monday along a car bomb which was located near the border crossing between Kobane and Turkey, the Observatory said.

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